4 Spots for a Quintessential 4th of July

4 Spots for a Quintessential 4th of July

Nantucket, Massachusetts

There are few places that feel as quintessential 4th of July as Nantucket. The parade goes down a cobblestone street and ends with a town water fight. The old fashioned fire trucks spray water and everyone has a ton of good old fashioned fun... in their Nantucket Reds, white and blue. After that there are beach picnics, family games and fireworks. 

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Mackinac Island, Michigan 

You'll find lots of true old fashioned fun on Mackinac Island on the 4th of July. There are fireworks at night and a famous stone skipping competition during the day. Another lovely thing to see on the island on the 4th: The historic island fort is decked out in patriotic finery with banners, flags and bunting. They host an 1880’s Independence Day, with 38-gun salutes honoring the states of the period, patriotic music, and Victorian children’s games.


Photo credit: @travelwewill 

Coronado Island, California

Coronado Island is just across the bridge from San Diego. It's one of the nation’s original Navy towns, tracing its military roots back to 1911. The town takes pride in its Navy heroes. The 4th of July parade includes military bands, floats and Navy aircraft. People have described Coronado Island on the 4th of July as a "Norman Rockwell painting come to life" with its small-town charm. 

Bald Head Island, North Carolina

You can only reach Bald Head Island by ferry and no cars are allowed on the island. Residents are dependant on their golf carts which are the star of the 4th of July parade. Everyone decorates their carts and competes for the best in show!  In addition the the big parade, there are picnices, a carnival =, fireworks and everything you could imagine for an all American day.



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