5 Simple Halloween Costumes with Busy Bees Kids Clothes

5 Simple Halloween Costumes with Busy Bees Kids Clothes

Halloween is a week away. If you're still trying to figure out last minute costumes, we've got you covered. Did you know your favorite Busy Bees Kids clothes can double as your Halloween costume? Today we're sharing 5 simple costumes for your children using Busy Bees clothing. 
No one likes to buy a costume that will be worn once and tossed aside. With these cute and simple costumes, once Halloween is over they'll be wearing the Busy Bees outfits all fall and winter. 

5 Simple Costumes for Kids 

1. Where's Waldo

Pair our Henry Button Tee Red Navy Stripe with our navy Alex Flat Front Pant. Top it off with a red & white hat and some round glasses. 

2. Cowgirl

Cowgirl accessories and a Busy Bees Corduroy Skirt with the Georgina Girls Check Smocked Top and she'll be saying yee-haw in no time! 

3. Dennis the Menace 

Grab some Busy Bees Red Overalls and a Henry Button Tee and try not to let them cause too much trouble with their slingshot! 

4. Garden Fairy 

Adding fairy wings and a wand as your accessories with any of our fall florals and you'll have the prettiest garden fairy around. 

5. Peacock 

This season's Blue Corduroy makes a great base for a beautiful peacock costume. 

What are your children dressing up as this year? 
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