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I’ve been traveling to Hong Kong for close to a decade now visiting our factory in the heart of Kowloon city. Manufacturing clothes in Hong Kong is like making them in Paris….it just doesn’t happen that much anymore because of sky high real estate prices and lack of skilled artisans.   So I consider myself very lucky to be able to spend time in this wonderful city where I can combine work and play. I usually travel solo and always feel very safe.  It’s super easy to get around and the accommodations and restaurants are great.   I usually stay on the Kowloon side at the Langham a gem of a boutique hotel which exudes old world British charm complete with afternoon tea service or the Intercontinental Hotel situated directly on the waterfront with its gleaming lobby where you can watch the ships go by or catch the nightly light show all while sipping a delicious Mai Tai Cocktail.

Recently my family has been tagging along and we use the city as a jumping point to travel to other wondrous destinations in Asia. Asia is a terrific place to explore with kids, there’s is so much to see, do and you really feel you like you have entered into a different world.  I will share more about our Asia travels in an upcoming post!  In the meantime here are some pictures from my trip to HK last month where we were working on Fall 2018 collection! (no rest for the weary!):

Hong Kong Skyline...impressive buildings against majestic mountains!

The skyline at night...equally impressive.  Every evening around 8pm its Kowloon vs. Hong Kong in a battle of the skyscraper lightshow.


There's something about being far away from home that makes me crave classic American comfort food!!  Motorino is a little pizza joint in the Soho neighborhood of Central on Shelley Street which serves probably the best pizza I have ever had. It's also home to the best "pizza wine" ever which is extra delicious after a long day at the fabric market.  Motorino also has outposts in Singapore, Manila and New York, among other destinations.

The city is dotted with the most incredible shopping malls that even the most skeptical shopper will find mind blowing.  Think big box Chanel and Hermes stores one every few blocks that is....and my favorite Celine!!


It's easy to get lost in the fantasy and glamour of Hong Kong but nothing gives me more joy than to visit the Busy Bees factory and get working to make beautiful clothes for our beautiful customers!  In my next post I will share the magical tale of a little couture tailor shop that got its start under British rule in Hong Kong and quickly rose to be the premiere purveyor of classic children's clothing!












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