Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

Christmas is just a few days away. We are in the Christmas spirit here at Busy Bees Kids and love seeing your children in our clothes at your holiday parties, school concerts, photos with Santa, etc.

We love being part of your Christmas traditions. Speaking of traditions, this season we asked some of our favorite boutiques what their favorite Christmas tradition is:


Dottie Doolittle, San Francisco, CA

My favorite Christmas tradition is that we open presents on Christmas Eve. Then on Christmas morning we all walk to Fisherman's Wharf, find a crab stand and buy a crab for lunch.  

The Children's Shop, Atlanta, GA

Our store tradition is that we don't decorate the store for Christmas until Thanksgiving week. All the holiday windows are done, the store is decorated, holiday music turned on and our "Merry Christmas Y'all" aprons are on the day AFTER Thanksgiving - one holiday at a time. People appreciate and look forward to it. 

Peachtree Kids, Nantucket, MA 

Our favorite holiday tradition is waiting for Santa to arrive on the Coast Guard boat during the Nantucket Christmas Stroll. 

Layette, Dallas, TX

Cam (my son) and I make pans of cinnamon rolls on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve and drop them off at friends and neighbors homes. Here's the recipe we use. 

And our favorite here at Busy Bees Kids...

My favorite Christmas tradition is attending the Nine Lessons and Carols Christmas Eve service at the Anglican Church on St. Barth. 



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