The Choice for American Prep

The Choice for American Prep

We asked some of our friends what American Prep means to them?  Here is what "Chirping Moms" influencer, blogger Courtney Byrne shares.  -  I grew up in classic American prep in the summer and a school uniform the rest of the year. When I got to high school and college, I didn't rebel from the classic looks my mom dressed us in, I only became preppier (if that was even possible). Now, even after a lifetime of plaid, stripes and crisp clean looks, it's what I stick with for my own 4 children. That's the thing with classic American styles, they never go out of style. It was certainly easier to find looks like this when I had babies but as my girls grew and as I added boys to my crew, finding the styles I desired for them because trickier. There's nothing more "style scary" than a preppy mom seeing what's available for girls once they pass size 5t!

Thankfully around this time is when I discovered Busy Bees. Now, from school picture day to vacations my kids are most often sporting this classic brand. We even sported Busy Bees Kids in this year's family Christmas card photo.

If there was ever a brand to embody all things classic American prep from baby on up to teen, it's Busy Bees. Each season there are exciting new styles to see while always holding true to their tried and true classic style. Also, when you're looking to sport a patriotic American look, there is certainly no better place to find that than the reds, whites and blues offered from Busy Bees.

While most of the shopping for our Busy Bees wear has been online, we delight in spotting the brand at some of our favorite resorts when we travel. This brand is like part of our family. I'm looking forward to sharing more about history, prep and style over the next few months. 

- Courtney 

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