Busy Bees: Behind the Scenes with Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP

A Bees Busy Retrospective!

September 2013

Today is the day! We are excited to announce the Busy Bees exclusive collection for Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle blog, GOOP.  This project has been under-wraps for months as we have collaborated closely with Gwyneth and her team to bring it to life. The design direction we received was to create a “buy-now-wear-now” preppy-chic collection for boys and girls; key pieces that take kids from warm weather to Fall’s first chill.

The Busy Bees x GOOP collection features 15 limited-edition wardrobe staples for boys and girls ages 4 to 10 including dresses, separates and knits in the classic-chic aesthetic we love, timeless shapes, fabrics and detailing.

The back story…Not every day is one to remember, but some burn bright in your mind long after they have passed, the day Gwyneth’s team emailed us is one of those days you remember.  Busy Bees was first featured in a goop newsletter on kids clothes in 2011 and was described by Gwyneth as “clothes my kids want to wear” (http://goop.com/journal/get/117/kids-clothes) Her blog posted blasted Busy Bees onto the scene. Our website crashed and orders poured in from all corners of the globe. Busy Bees had officially arrived!  When GOOP expanded to include a marketplace SHOP on the site, they reached out to us to create the collection and be one of the first featured children’s designers. Could it be that lightening would strike twice?! We had recently returned from a fabric-scouting trip to Hong Kong (more on that later), and were armed with lots of new swatches that we were dying to use.  This is the design board presented to Gwyneth… We nicknamed the girl Amie, our chic international prepster, isn’t she cute! We called him Chris, named after Maryam’s husband, of course!

One of the most exciting parts of this project was turning over the clothing to the amazingly talented photography team at GOOP. To see the brand through a new lense, opened our eyes to the wide appeal of the clothing. The pictures are just so cool, so American, so effortlessly preppy!


Here is what Maryam had to say when interviewed about the collection:

“We’re excited to be working with GOOP to showcase classic-chic wardrobe staples that moms are in search of now. There are those Supermoms who are good at planning their family’s wardrobes ahead of season.  But most of us shop for our kids out of an immediate necessity usually before an event or occasion such as back-to-school or a vacation. So often clothes are put out on the selling floor months before the season officially begins so when it comes time to actually finding what you need they’re long gone.”

One final surreal moment in this fashion fairy tale… Gwyneth asked us to send goodie bags to her BFFs that read like a who’s who of music and movies (Beyonce, Kate, Reece!!!)

Lightening struck twice! Thank you to Gwyneth and the amazing team at GOOP!  


Photo Credits to GOOP, 09/2013

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