Earnshaws – Making a Beeline

Aiming to create a line offering well made, classic pieces that aren’t too fussy,  Maryam Barrett applied her fashion knowledge to launch Busy Bees. The San Francisco-based designer grew up surrounded by the apparel industry; Thirty years ago, her mother started a women’s Scottish cashmere line, which is based in London. Later on, Barrett found herself immersed in fashion when she took a job with public relations agency LaForce + Stevens in New York. Her experience has culminated in her own line for boys and girls 3 months to 12 years, which blends a preppy, East Coast aesthetic with Southern charm. “It [provides] something for the mom who goes to church on Sundays,  dresses up for occasions and takes pride in how the family looks, but I didn’t want to insult her with price points you find on higher-end clothing,” Barrett explained… Read the full Article

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