Make Your Own Halloween Costume with Busy Bees

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It's that time of year again: kids are deciding what to be for Halloween. We love using clothes we have at home to make Halloween costumes. It's a great way to use what you already have on hand. 
Plus no one likes an itchy costume... so if you use your kids comfy Busy Bees clothes they love, you're sure to have a costume they'll be happy to wear.
Today we're sharing a DIY Cruella Deville costume. With the new movie being a huge hit this year, we're sure there are lots of kids dressing up as Cruella. 
This costume uses three Busy Bees fall favorites with a wig & some accessories. Put it all together and they'll be ready for their Halloween parade in no time. 
Here's what to use:
A Cruella Deville black and white wig (Amazon or party store)
Black and white shoes: we used saddle shoes
Other accessories to consider: black necklace, red/black/white socks, a stuffed dog, gloves 
What other costumes should we try and make?