The History of Plaid: Everyone's Favorite at Christmas

The History of Plaid: Everyone's Favorite at Christmas

Tis' the season for all things plaid. Did you ever wonder why every loves wearing plaid at Christmas? Here's a brief history on plaid.
Plaid as we know it emerged in Scotland in the 1700s. The plaids that we associate with Christmas are Tartan plaid. But plaid in some form has been around since the 8th century BC. 

The different colors and patterns of tartan began based on which dyes and materials were available for the weavers. Later the different tartans became  associated with families and clans and after that they even grew to have political significance. 
And Christmas? The association of tartan with Christmas is mainly because of the Scots and their love of celebrating the winter solstice.
Even buffalo plaid originally came from Scotland. The red and black plaid we know of as buffalo plaid came to the us in the 1800's and was worn for good luck in battle. For a long time in recent history buffalo plaid was more of a "lumberjack" look and now it's become one of the most popular plaids at Christmas. 
Scottish immigration at the end of the 18th century contributed to plaid gaining more popularity in the US. 

In the late 1940s, plaid crossed gender lines for the first time, when Pendleton made shirts for women. After that it was everywhere. 

Every holiday season the tartan of Scotland can be seen on families all around the world. 
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