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The History of Preppy Style

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The History of Preppy Style
Our fall line of classic American prep clothes for kids has launched! To celebrate we thought we'd share a little history of preppy style. 
When did preppy style begin? The style first began around 1910-1912 and then became more popular in the 1940's when it was know as the "Ivy Style". 
The style was known as the Ivy Style because the first two brands to sell preppy style clothing exclusively sold them to the Northeastern collegiate schools. 
The two original preppy brands, J. Press and Brooks Brothers opened up storefronts on campus at Harvard, Princeton, and Yale. 
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The style grew with the students. They would wear the styles back home and on trips with their families. Preppy style continued to grow and by the 1980's many brands started making clothes in this style. 
Over the decades, many style icons have embraced the preppy style. Here are a few favorite style icons, dressed with a classic preppy style:
Audrey Hepburn
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Cary Grant 
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Jackie Kennedy Onassis
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Princess Diana
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Busy Bees Kids: Continuing the tradition of preppy style
How will your little fashion icons continue the tradition of classic American prep style in our fall line? Tag us in your photos with #BusyBeesKids so we can see!