The History of Stripes

The History of Stripes

Here at Busy Bees, we've enjoyed sharing some of the history of the classic American styles we know and love. We've shared the history:

Today we're sharing the history of stripes. Busy Bees Kids has plenty of classic stripes for kids each season. We love striped polos, striped dresses, striped tees and more. 

Stripes are classic American prep at it's finest. But where did this classic style originate from? 

People have been wearing stripes back to the 18th century. They were first worn by sailors in the Navy and by prisoners: both used stripes for the same reason... to be easy to spot. The sailors wore stripes so they would be easy to spot at sea. Prisoners had to wear stripes so they would be easy to spot if they tried to escape.

So when did stripes become part of our everyday style? In 1917 Coco Chanel created a striped shirt as part of her line of first casual separates for women. 

After this trend started it quickly became a very classic casual staple. Style icons like Jackie O kept the trend alive and still today there are not many things seen as classic as a navy and white striped shirt. 

Busy Bees Kids has classic stripes for children every season. We are certainly keeping this trend going for the next generation. Shop our summer stripes collection at 50% off right now with code SUMMER50 and keep an eye out for Fall stripes coming soon. 

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